To mark the importance of National Education Day, WORDVISHARAD, Literary Society of our College organized competitions on Essay writing, Poster making and slogan writing on 11th November, 2013. The topic given to the students was ‘Importance of Education and the Nation’s commitment to all aspects of education’. The prize winners of the competitions are as follows:

Essay Writing Competition:

Name Class Roll No.
1st Prize Shubham Gupta B.Com – III 42
2nd Prize Vaibhav Taneja B.Com – I 81
3rd Prize Gagandeep SinghAkash Dalal B.Com – IB.Com – III 77578


Poster making and Slogan writing:

Name Class Roll No.
1st Prize Monika Kakkar B.Com – I 108
2nd Prize Amarinder MinhasUjita Aggarwal B.Com – I 201157
3rd Prize Yash BajajMehak B.Com – I 59159