Environment Society AVNI organized a talk on 3rd December 2013 on the topic ‘Water Pollution and Water Conservation’ for the first year students of B.Com and BBA.

In the wake of the increasing dangers that we are putting the resources of our Earth into, an eye opening presentation was delivered by “Yuva Dharti” conducted by its President Anshuman Chaturvedi and Vice President Shobit Chugh, the presentation aimed at sensitizing the students, who are also the future of the country, towards the need to preserve water and take care of the rivers of the country.

Various astonishing clippings and pictures of the polluted rivers were shown to the students and they were also made aware of the role they play in polluting it. The presenters also offered various ways in which we could preserve water, such as, rain water harvesting, never leaving a tap open unnecessarily, minimal watering of plants, use of buckets and not showers for bathing etc.

During the presentation, the plight of the holy rivers such as the Ganga and Yamuna was shown and an appeal was made to everyone to help in its cleansing and restoring its former glory.

The presenters then showcased the work that their organisation “Yuva Dharti” has been doing towards the betterment of the environment and the society at large by organising rallies, tree plantation drives and donations to the needy. An initiative of just 3 young individuals, Yuva Dharti has now over 500 members which include school children and ordinary citizens as well.

The presentation was concluded by saying that that since we are responsible for this adverse situation of the Earth’s water resources, we should be the ones who mend it too as ‘Water is Life’.

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