As the sun came out to brighten the world, students of our Environment SocietyAVNI’ in collaboration with NSS unit came forward for a good deed towards Mother Nature and mankind. The society took an initiative to emphasize the importance of planting new trees and protecting the ones already growing around us. As a symbolic gesture we had a tree plantation drive in the college on 15.09.2014 at 12 noon. The inauguration was done by Dr.Rosy Walia, Head of Deptt. by planting ‘Ashoka Tree’, along with other staff members. Every society member contributed in a movement towards a deeper commitment to environment protection through planting new trees. A message to nurture trees was given to students as trees are nature’s wonder and a great gift to mankind. This small initiative by us turned into a great success. In this way, a beautiful gift was given back to mother earth.

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