Where students close to a hundred gathered on a sunny autumn morning, a rally was carried out by the college environment society ‘AVNI’ in association with the NSS unit. The rally begun with the speech by the Principal Madam Mrs Manjit Kaur and HOD Madam Dr. Rosy Walia followed by a flag off.  The rally witnessed a throng of zealous youth who left no stone unturned to sensitize people about the ill effects of bursting crackers. A host of slogans like ‘Diwali hum manayenge patakhe nahi chalayenge’ and ‘Green Diwali Happy Diwali’  and the likes accompanied by decorative posters which conveyed messages like ‘Noise free Diwali, Light hearts not crackers’ portrayed the ardent devotion and fervor of the students towards making our environment into a healthy place to live in. To guide students, the teachers of the college too tagged them along.

The march covered the residential areas of sector-42 where onlookers, both old and young, watched the students inquisitively where a few even promised to go by the ethics and message which the rally wanted to put forth.

The sequence was succeeded by the members of Environment Society and NSS Unit who distributed sweets and other food items to the students who participated in the rally.

The whole idea of the program was to illustrate to the society as to what could be done for its upliftment except for merely lighting crackers. The tread finally haulted at the college with both students and faculty, contended with their share of onus towards protecting the environment.

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