Christmas Celebrations

Just like every year, even this year the NSS Coordinators, members and the volunteers of our college celebrated Christmas to memorize the birth of Lord Jesus. The celebrations were made on 24th of December, 2014. The volunteers contributed by bringing clothes and newspapers for donating them to the residents of our adopted village “Kajheri”. The volunteers accompanied by the teachers went to the village and began the day by visiting different areas and distributing sweets to the children.

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Then the people earning their livelihood by working so hard in the cold weather were gifted blankets. Those smiles on the poor people’s and children’s faces enlightened the moods and gave everybody an inner peace and satisfaction. While making the christmas distributions, the volunteers also found a handicapped girl in a house, shivering in this cold weather. They covered her with a blanket and also gave her some eatables to eat. After distributing everything, the volunteers and the teachers marched back to college where they were asked to disperse.