After a heavy rain fall since the past two days, as the NSS volunteers entered the college campus, there was a sun break in the clouds. All the students assembled in the ground in the presence of NSS Coordinators, Dr. Rosy Walia and Mr. Amarpreet Singh and the faculty members thereby increasing the enthusiasm of the students.

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On the commencement of the day at 9:15 am, NSS volunteers were asked to run around the campus with the mission to make them fit for the camp. After a tiring run they went through some physical exercises to make them strong. At 10:30 am, they were distributed some duties according to their interests and everyone was content after the allotment of the duties. At 11:30 am Dr. Rosy Walia briefed about the plans and activities that would be organized during the camp like visit to our adopted village Khajeri, collection of newspapers and donating them to a NGO etc. The most awaited person of the day Mr. Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer, NSS Cell, Chandigarh, arrived at 12:40 pm and inaugurated the camp by enlightening the volunteers regarding the importance of the NSS Special Camp and brought to the notice that GCCBA was the first college to organize the NSS Special Camp for the session 2014-15. He shared some wise words and discussed his valuable thoughts with the NSS volunteers that some subjects could change their experience of college like personal development of the students, personal training, attitude training and classroom to community practice. At 2 pm lunch was served to the chief guest, along with the Principal and the NSS coordinators who were joined by the faculty members and the NSS volunteers. After lunch, the NSS voulnteers were taken to Khajeri, the adopted village of the college for interaction with the residents there. Thereafter after returning to the college the boys and girls went in the ground and tried to be more interactive with each other and they played some games together which increased their interaction level. This is how the first day of NSS camp concluded with everyone looking forward to the next day.