Even though the morning was foggy, the third day of the NSS camp still began with the same energetic exercise session. The volunteers were not only energetic but so much enthusiastic that even the climatic hurdles couldn’t stop them. Then our principal Mrs. Manjit Brar along with the staff members, the volunteers and the non teaching staff prayed for all the children and teachers who lost their lives in the terrorist attack at Peshawar (Pakistan) followed by two minutes silence for the departed souls. After this, the volunteers were served with the breakfast and tea followed by a short break. Then the volunteers, along with the NSS members, marched to village Kajheri where a survey was conducted and questions were asked to the village people regarding their lifestyle. This was followed by the lunch that was served in the college premises.

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After lunch an interactive session was organised by the Literary Society ‘Word Visharad’ in which Dr. Pahlad Rai Aggarwal, former Deputy Director Higher Education of Chandigarh Administration and the FOUNDER and Former Principal of GCCBA, was the guest of honour. He talked about “Life is a mystery” which, according to him, could be undestood either with mind or heart. He concluded on the fact that both logic as well as nature are important. It just depends on us as to how we look at life and accept it. The students were then asked to disperse.