Yet another cold foggy day but the unstoppable energetic NSS volunteers began the fourth day of the NSS camp with the same exercise session. The volunteers warmed themselves up and got ready for the rest of the camp. Thereafter, the volunteers were served with the breakfast followed by a short break. After finishing with the food, as a part of the activities planned by ‘Gestione’, the Management Club of the college, the volunteers and the members assembled to visit the construction site of our new college building.


Everybody roamed about the building, witnessed the on-going construction, enjoyed on the terrace. After that the volunteers along with the faculty proceeded to Khajeri, for some merriment with the school children there. After spending quality time with the students at Khajeri, everyone returned back to the college premises. The volunteers and the members were then served with delicious lunch. This was followed by a small mimickery cum dance session organised by the students alongside the bonfire. The volunteers as well as the members of the NSS tapped their feet on the music and enjoyed the evening. Everyone was then asked to disperse.