Even though the weather remained chilly, day five of the NSS Camp began with the prayers followed by the same exercise session which included races and other running activities which not only boosted up the volunteers’ energy but also made the morning enjoyable. Thereafter, the students were served with the breakfast and tea and asked to assemble to proceed to Khajeri for another interactive session with the residents. On returning to the college, the members of the ‘Drug Awareness Society’ had arranged for some documentaries on Drug Awareness in order to make the NSS volunteers aware of the destruction being caused due to Drug Addiction.

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The first documentary named “The Glut” presented the poor condition of Punjab due to drug consumption and also the destruction being caused to the families. The second documentary named “The Secret-2 The Compass” presented the ways in which one can change and lead a better life. Witnessing Punjab’s condition was breath taking while the other documentary was a silver lining. Then the volunteers and the NSS members were served with the lunch followed by a nukad-natak on “Drug Awareness” presented by the students of our college. Thereafter the students were asked to fill up a questionnaire which revealed the personality of every person. Then there was an interactive session by Dr. Manoj Bhambu, the convenor of the Drug Awareness Society in which the volunteers were told about their personalities based on the questionnaire they had filled up. They were then asked to disperse.