The third day of 59th Youth and Heritage Festival was lined up for public speaking and stage & theatre items. The mime and skit was the main attraction of the day. Smt. Heera Negi Councillor Municipal Corporation Chandigarh was the chief guest on the occasion. For photographs click here.

The results of today’s events are given as below

Prizes For Group Items

Sr. Item First Second Third
1 Mime GCCBA- 50 PGGC-11 SGGS-26
2 Ladies Traditional Song PGGC-11 PGGC-46 GGDSD-32, SGGS-26
3 Vaar  Singing SGGS-26 DAV 10 GGDSD 32
4 Kavishri PU Campus DAV-10 SGGS-26
5 Kali DAV 10 GGDSD-32 SGGS-26
6 Debate Ankita, PU Campus Khushdev, RIE-32 Dolphine, PU Campus
7 Muhavredar Vartalap PGGC-11 GGDSD-32 DAV 10


Prize for Individual Item

Sr. Item First Second Third
1 Mimicry GGDSD-32 DAV-10 PU Campus
2 Elocution Japleen, GGDSD-32 Sumedha, PGGC-11 Gracy, DAV 10
3 Poem Recitation PU Campus GGDSD-32 RIE 32
4 Embroidery-Phulkari SGGS-26 PU campus GGDSD-32
5 Embroidery- Bagh GGDSD-32 SGGS-26 DAV 10
6 Embroidery-Dasuti or Cross Stitch GGDSD-32 SGGS-26 PU Campus
7 Pakkhi Making SGGS-26 DAV 10 PGGC-46
8 Crochet Work GGDSD-32 DAV 10 SGGS-26
9 Knitting GGDSD-32 PGGC-11 DAV 10
10 Mehndi Designing & Application GGDSD-32 PGGC-11 PGGC-46
11 RANGOLI GGDSD-32 DAV-10 PU Campus