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February 2019
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Faculty Name

1 Business Mathematics & Statistics B.Com-I Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
2 Commercial and Labour Law B.Com-I Ms. Aanchal Malik
3 Financial Accounting B.Com-I Ms. Vandana Jain
4 Business Mathematics & Statistics B.Com-I Ms. Harinder Kaur
5 Company Law & Auditing B.Com-II Mr. Amar Preet Singh Sijher
6 Indirect Tax Laws B.Com-II Ms. Sandeep Kaur
7 Ecommerce (Hons) B.Com-II Ms. Vanadana Jain
8 Cost Accounting B.Com-II Ms. Harinder Kaur
9 Income Tax Laws B.Com-III Dr. Rosy Walia
10 Indian Economy B.Com-III Mr. Kamal Singh
11 Functional Management B.Com-III Ms. Sandeep Kaur
12 Management Accounting B.Com-III Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur
13 Entrepreneurship & Small Business B.Com-III Ms. Aanchal Malik
14 E-Commerce (Hons) B.Com-III Mr. Amar Preet Singh Sijher
15 Basic of Accounting BBA-I Ms. Renuka Mehra
16 Organization & Management BBA-I Ms. Geeta Sharma
17 Quantitative Techniques BBA-I Ms. Vandana Jain
18 Computers BBA-I, BBA-II and BBA-III Mr. Manjeet Singh
19 Marketing Management BBA-II Ms. Aarti Kaushal
20 Business Laws-II BBA-II Dr. Renuka Mehra
21 Insurance Management BBA-III Dr. Renuka Mehra
22 Production & Operation Management BBA-II Ms. Geeta Sharma
23 International Marketing BBA-III Ms. Aarti Kaushal
24 Entrepreneurship & Small Business BBA-III Dr. Geeta Sharma
25 Industrial relation & Labour Legislation BBA-III Ms. Mona Sodhi
26 Banking Laws & Management BBA-III Ms. Vandana Jain
27 Organizational Behavior BBA-III & B.Com-III Ms. Aarti Kaushal
28 Business Economics B.Com-II Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur
29 Indian Economy B.Com-III Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur
30 Business Environment B.B.A-II Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur
31 Banking and Insurance B.Com-II Ms. Kamal Preet Kaur
32 Sales and Distribution BBA-III Ms. Renuka Mehra
33 Accounts Honours B.Com-II Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
34  Operations Research B.Com-III Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
35 Business Economics B.Com-II,III & BBA-I Mr. Amandeep Verma
36 Corporate Accounting B.Com-II Ms. Kriti Mahajan
37 Business Organization and Management B.Com-I Ms. Kriti Mahajan
38 Quantitative Techniques for Business M.Com-I Sem Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhambu
39 Organisational Behaviour M.Com-I Sem Dr. Rosy Walia
40 Business Economics B.Com-II Ms. Sarbjeet Kaur
41 Indian Economy B.Com-III Ms. Sarbjeet Kaur
42 Business Environment B.B.A-II Ms. Sarbjeet Kaur
43 Company Law And Auditing B.Com-II Ms. Aanchal Malik
44 Financial Accounting  BBA-I Dr. Renuka Mehra
45 Production & Material Mgt M.Com-I Dr. Renuka Mehra
46 Human Resource Management B.Com-I Ms. Sandeep Kaur
47 Psychology for Managers B.Com-I Ms. Sandeep Kaur
48 Management Information System M.Com-I Sem Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
49 Financial Management B.B.A-IInd Sem Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
50 Operational Research M.Com-IInd Sem Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
51 Accounts Honours B.Com-III Year Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
52 Business Statistic B.B.A-Ist Sem Dr. Bikramjit Kaur
53 Corporate Accounting B.Com-IInd Sem Ms. Kriti Mahajan
54 Entrepreneur & Small Business B.Com-IIIrd Year Ms. Kriti Mahajan
55 Functional Management B.Com-IIIrd Year Ms. Hrinder Kaur
56 Principles and Practices of Management B.Com-Ist Sem Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur
57 Human Resource Management B.Com-IInd Sem Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur
58 Human Resource Development M.Com-II Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur


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