The second day of the NSS camp began with its usual fervor and cheerful participation of the NSS volunteers. Just like a machine is warmed up before the actual action, the volunteers were taken out of the winter jitters by doing some exercises which included running, stretching and yoga. After the exercise session, breakfast was served to the students along with tea. Thereafter, the volunteers indulged themselves in cleaning the college premises with the help of brooms. Not only the canteen but also the lawns and the parking area were swept clean. Heaps of garbage were collected and thrown away in the bins. After the tiring cleanliness session, the volunteers proceeded to Khajeri for some interaction with the residents and making them aware regarding the social issues, specially the cleanliness drive emphasizing on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. After that everyone departed for the college where everyone was served with an elaborate lunch which everyone enjoyed with the NSS Coordinators and faculty members.

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Later, to sensitize the volunteers on GENDER and issues related to it, the ‘Gender Sensitization Society’ of the college arranged a guest-lecture that was conducted by Ms. Prabhjot Kaur, State Co-ordinator at State Resource Centre for Women. She discussed the very primal institution of gender and why the youth should be aware and overt as to how they perceive gender equality and practice it. She came up with simple day-to-day examples and some of her real life experiences that made everyone ponder hard if everyone did their bit or not. This eye-opening seminar ended with a cheerful audience. The volunteers were congratulated and appreciated for their performance and then asked to disperse.