Computer Lab

From the very beginning of this college it has been its emphasis to provide the best  technology to all the stakeholders, therefore all the administrative, teaching work is being carried out using computers. Students can freely access them in the computer lab and also in the library.

Details of Desktop Computers  in the College:-
DesktopComputer Lab I, II & III91
DesktopClassroom Podium30
DesktopStaff room01
DesktopVice-Principal office 02
DesktopDean office02
DesktopPrincipal office02
DesktopExam Branch08
DesktopBursar Room01
DesktopFaculty Room03
DesktopCommittee Room02
DesktopData Entry Lab03
Details of  Servers in the College:-
ServersComputer LabNebero Campus SolutionLibrarySeqrite Endpoint Security Anti Virus04
Internet Connectivity:
BSNL 100 mbps lease line has been installed in the college. Bandwidth management is done through Nebero Software.  The whole campus is WiFi enabled.
Objectives of the Computer Lab:-
  • To  design the  to provide students and staff with a vast array of  I.T resources needed to promote learning.
  • To enhance the Classroom teaching with Internet based real time online re-searchable study environment for the students and also the faculty.
  • Incorporate latest software’s, hardware and networking solutions to provide state of the art service to all the stakeholders of the computer lab in the college .
  • Provide training and guidance to students and staff in I.T and Computers and in Technology.
  • Provide an environment conducive for E-learning and research.
  • Keep all the computer hardware and software and other items in good working condition.
  • Multi-media projector with projector screen is available .
  • Internet Connections and capability to Conference and Web browsing.
  • Ready technology for conducting Seminars, presentations, Conferences etc.
  • Internet bandwidth management and Network monitoring