Principal: Dr. (Prof.) Nisha Aggarwal

Dean: Mr. Amar Preet Singh Sijher

Vice Principal: Dr. V. Magesh

Department of Commerce

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationQualificationDeputed/Contractual/Society

Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhambu (HoD)

Associate ProfessorM.Com, Ph.DRegular, Deputed from PGGC-11 Chd.
2Sh. Amar Preet Singh SijherAssociate ProfessorM.Com, HTSM, PGDFM, CIC, UGC (NET), SLET. Regular, Deputed from PGGC-46 Chd
3Dr. V. MageshAssociate ProfessorM.Com, Mphil, Ph.D Regular, Deputed from PGGC-46 Chd
 4Dr. Bikramjit KaurAssociate ProfessorM.Com, Ph.D, DIM, PGDBM,PGDFM & MBA Regular, Deputed from PGGC-46 Chd
5Ms. Kriti MahajanAssistant ProfessorM.Com, UGC (NET) Contractual
 6Dr. Harinder KaurAssistant ProfessorM.Com, PGDBA, M.Phil & Ph.D, UGC (NET) Contractual
 7Ms. Aanchal MalikAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M.Phil, UGC (NET) Contractual
8Ms. SandeepAssistant ProfessorM.Com, PGDCA, UGC (NET) Contractual
9 Ms. Vandana Jain Assistant Professor M.Com Contractual
10 Ms. Mona Sodhi Assistant Professor M.Com, FIII,
11 Dr. Aarti Kaushal Assistant Professor M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, PGDBM, UGC (NET) Contractual
12 Dr. Renuka Mehra Assistant Professor M.Com, MBE, PGDHRM,

Department of Business Administration

HOD Dr. V. Magesh

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationQualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1 Dr. Subina Syal Assistant Professor M.Com
(E-Comm), Ph.D, UGC (NET)
2Dr. Amrinder SinghAssistant ProfessorMBA, UGC (NET) , Ph.DSociety CHES-GCCBA
3Ms. Preeti SharmaAssistant ProfessorMBA, MBE, UGC (NET) ,HPSET -DO-
 4Ms. Ritu YadavAssistant ProfessorMBE, Ph.D M.Com -DO-
 5Ms. Parul WadhwaAssistant ProfessorMBA (Gold Medalist), UGC (NET) -DO-
6Ms. AbhilashaAssistant Professor MBA, B.Ed, UGC (NET) -DO-
7Dr. Nitasha SharmaAssistant Professor M.Com, MBA, MPhil,
Ph.D, B.Ed
8Sh. Neeraj BansalAssistant Professor B.E, MBA, UGC (NET) -DO-
9Dr. SujataAssistant Professor MBA, UGC (NET) , Phd -DO-

Department of Economics

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationQualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Mr. Yogesh Kumar
Associate ProfessorMA, M.PhilDeputed from PGGC-11, Chd.
2Dr. Amandeep VermaAssistant ProfessorMA, Ph.DContractual
3Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur JohalAssistant ProfessorM.Sc (Hons), UGC (NET) Contractual
4Dr. Manjinder KaurAssistant Professor Society CHES-GCCBA
5Mr. Mandeep Singh GillAssistant Professor -DO-

Department of Computer Application

HOD Sh. Amar Preet Singh Sijher

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationQualificationDeputed/Contractual/Society
      1Mr. Manjeet SinghAssistant 
    2Mr. Manit MalhotraAssistant 
M.C.A(Gold Medalist), UGC (NET) Society CHES-GCCBA
3Ms. MonikaAssistant 
M.Sc (I.T.), UGC (NET) -DO-
4Ms. Shilpa SharmaAssistant 
B.Tech, M.Tech, UGC (NET) -DO-
5Ms. Ritika Assistant 
M.Sc (Hons), UGC (NET) -DO-
6Ms. Disha GuruAssistant 

Department of English

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationQualification  Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Mr. Ashutosh SharmaAssistant ProfessorM.A, PGDTE, PGDCA Regular, Deputed from R.I.E.-32 Chd.
2Ms. Ritu YadavAssistant Professor M.A. M. phil Society CHES-GCCBA

Sports Department

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Dr. Ajit Singh (HOD)Assistant ProfessorDeputed from PGGC-11, Chd.

Punjabi Department

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Sh. Karamjit SinghAssistant Professor M.A, B.Ed, MPhil, UGC (NET) , CTET, PTET, HPTET Society CHES-GCCBA

History Department 

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Ms. Shilpa MehtaAssistant Professor Society CHES-GCCBA

Environment Department

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Deputed/Contractual/Society
1Ms. Neeraj Thakur Assistant Professor M.Sc (Env Mgt), UGC (NET) Society CHES-GCCBA