Third Counselling

list of eligible applicants who submitted their willingness through Google Form

B.Com-I UT Pool

B.Com-I Out Side UT Pool


BBA-I Outside UT Pool


BCA-I Outside UT Pool

Instructions for the Applicants for Online Admissions on Friday, 21st July 2023
against Vacant Seats at College Level

  1. Applicants if offered admission by the colleges will get notification in their login at DHE Website, which can be accessed through their registered Login Id and Password on
  2. Applicant after receiving the offer for admission in his/her account will have two options:
    Option 1:
    Applicant is interested in one of the offered seats by the colleges and wishes to surrender a seat in
    previously admitted college.
    ▪ Accept offer of admission in which he/she wishes to get admission on 21.07.2023 by 1:00 pm.
    ▪ Reject all other offers of admissions from other colleges on 21.07.2023 by 1:00 pm.
    Note: After accepting the offer the fee has to be deposited on the same day
    i.e. on 21.07.2023. Also, after accepting the offer, the admission in the
    previous college (if admitted previously) will be canceled automatically
    and request for refund of fee may be initiated by the applicant.
    Option 2:
    Applicant is not interested in taking admission in any of the offered seats by
    colleges and wishes to retain the seat in the previously admitted
    college/isn’t interested in taking admission in any college.
    ▪ Reject all the offers received on 21.07.2023 by 1:00 pm.
  3. The admission will be provisional and as per the information uploaded by the applicants on the
    website and will be subject to verification/scrutiny by the admission committee. Applicants cannot
    claim admission on the basis of this provisional list of applicants.